My work as an editor and “The Smart Page-Turner”

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Grub Street Boston, Teaching, Writing

Hey, just following up on my posts here and here about my upcoming class “Writing the Smart Page-Turner” at Boston’s Grub Street, which will be held Thursday nights from 7 to 10 PM at Grub’s downtown Boston location.  I’ve been getting e-mails from people asking me about what level of instruction I’ll be providing. So with that in mind I thought I’d provide some detail.

I’m not targeting the basics. “Writing the Smart Page-Turner” is an intermediate level class that presumes some previous workshop, academic or professional experience. Former students have included people with advanced degrees in writing as well as graduates from workshops such as Clarion. I adjust instruction and manuscript comments to suit the specific levels of the students as I get a sense of at what level they’re writing. If by my judgment they are at semi-pro and professional levels, that’s when the Instructor gloves come off and the editor gloves come on. Part of the course is dedicated to showing in detail how I’ve helped authors restructure stories for ChiZine, the genre publication for which I am Fiction Editor. I’ll pass along the following blurbs from people I’ve worked with at ChiZine:

“I’ll put it this way – Mike made me focus on a story in ways I’d never been asked to before.  Now, that story is appearing in 2010’s Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror.  It wouldn’t be there without Mike’s help. ‘Nuff said.”–Kurt Dinan, author of “Nub Hut”

“Mike’s editing is considered and, just as importantly, it’s considerate. His suggestions help refine a piece and make its prose stronger, tighter, and cleaner without compromising the work’s spirit. Writers are lucky to work with editors like Mike: someone whose insights improve their stories without seeking to change them into something entirely different.”–LL Hannett, “Their Own Executioners

DEADLINE to sign up is coming fast–September 9th. You can sign up online here or  contact Sonya Larson at Grub HQ. Call her at 617-695-0075 or by e-mail at

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