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I recently had the immense honor of interviewing the legendary George A. Romero for Suicide Girls! Click here to read the full interview live online!

George Romero is an icon among horror movie fans. His iconic 1968 film Night of the Living Dead created a new genre in the form of the apocalyptic zombie movie, spawning five sequels and an almost uncountable number of imitators. His 1973 movie The Crazies (which was recently remade pretty well by Breck Eisner) unleashed a kind of government-caused-outbreak paranoia that was the antecedent of what Stephen King would later exploit in The Stand. Romero and King would collaborate on a celebration of 1950s EC comics horror publications in Creepshow. He totally rewrote the vampire myth as a young man’s psychosis in Martin. Outside of horror, Romero made the intensely personal Arthurian parable Knightriders. SG talked to Romero in Boston, while he was promoting his latest zombie movie Survival of the Dead. Survival of the Dead, available now on Video on Demand and opening theatrically on May 28, concerns a rag-tag band of survivors of the zombie holocaust who find themselves on an island off the coast of Delaware, embroiled in an intergenerational feud between two clans of Irish settlers… Click here to read more on!

Please check out my review of George Romero’s SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD now up on SciFiWire!

It’s this mashing up that makes Romero such a freakin’ genius, and that makes his zombie movie slouch maggoty head and shoulders above all others. Romero at his worst is far better than the best Resident Evil movies, because Romero is smart in his fractured ability to splice the sick, the funny and the satiric all in the same shot…Click here for the full review!