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Slummin’ in Somerville–Comedy
Wednesday, 9:30 AM CBS
“The Whirlwind Wednesday”

Wackiness ensues when Mike, kind of behind on the new novel he has under contract and trying to get back into condition for circus training after an injury, has to deal with Jim, his kooky new neighbor (Paul Sand), an aspiring songwriter who belts out love songs every night dedicated to his girlfriend Gladys… whom he’s only “met” over the phone after she dialed Jim’s phone as a wrong number! Tony Randall guest stars as Jim’s agent, and Doris Day has a cameo as the voice of Gladys.

Paul Sand Guest Stars with Mike Marano in SLUMMIN' IN SOMERVILLE

Paul Sand Guest Stars with Mike Marano in SLUMMIN’ IN SOMERVILLE

Yeah… there was a loss of air pressure on my flight this morning from Charleston, SC to Atlanta. I was working, and didn’t hear the announcement that the pressure had dropped nor seen the oxygen masks drop. Not a big deal, no hole in the fuselage. Just really… uhhmmmm… interesting!

The Irwin Allen-y view inside the cabin of the plane I took.